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NPEV Retail Discovery presents ‘Wellness Reimagined’ event

NPEV Retail Discovery
Retailers can learn about the latest trends in wellness, discover new products and build connections with brands during this virtual get-together on Wednesday.

The first of three NPEV Retail Discovery Sessions scheduled for 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET May 11 on the Natural Products Expo Virtual platform, featuring trend and retail insights from New Hope Network and SPINS, along with tips and information for brands from featured retailers PCC Markets and Fresh Thyme.  

The NPEV Retail Discovery Sessions were created to support brand and retail connections in a focused, efficient format. Held on May 11, July 13 and Nov. 9, each sessions will feature trend and retail insights from New Hope Network and SPINS, along with different groups of featured retailers. Other participating retailers include MOM’s, Target, Thrive and more. 

All-Access NPEV brand members may also get the chance to meet directly with these retail buyers through the NPEV Community platform, thanks to curated recommendations provided by New Hope Network and based on brand and buyer needs. Other buyers are invited to attend, as well as set up their own meetings with NPEV All-Access brands. 

For the May 11 event, retailers will meet with a selection of supplement, personal care and food and beverage brands in the wellness space, including those featured here. Make sure to click on the photos to head to their booths! 


forij logo-100.jpg

1. Forij 

The brand claims that this superfood granola is the lowest sugar granola offered on the market. Packed with clinically studied functional mushroom extracts geared to support anti-inflammation, it is vegan, gluten free and non-GMO. Each SKU of this functional cereal also offers 4-5 grams of protein per serving, crafted to support natural energy and mental focus.  

Forij products


natreve logo-100.jpg

2. Natreve

Using only sustainably sourced ingredients to create science-backed formulations, this supplement/food crossover brand is also plastic and carbon neutral and committed to sustainable environmental practices. It supports circular economy, community empowerment and environmental responsibility through plastic and carbon neutrality. 

Natreve products


sky organic logo-100.jpg

3.Sky Organics

Sky Organics offers nourishing products that include plant-based cleansers, creams and botanical hair oils. Their clean beauty products are made with responsibly sourced, certified organic ingredients to cultivate healthy skin and hair.

Sky Organics products


superfrau logo-100.jpg

4. Superfrau - Kuhl LLC

This sparkling functional beverage brand uses fresh upcycled whey from Greek yogurt manufacturing in NY and infuses it unto these stunningly packaged, delightfully flavored, lightly fizzed beverage for a RTD beverage that offers full-spectrum electrolytes, vitamin B12 and gut-supporting lactic acid. Also an Upcycled Food Association member. 

Superfrau products


NPE_Virtual_RGB.pngTo learn more about these products and other brands, head over to NPEV. Not yet registered? Register for free here. For more information about becoming an All-Access Member of Natural Products Expo Virtual Community and to obtain access to premium on demand and live content, industry benefits, buyer meetings and more throughout 2022, please click here

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