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Re-educating consumers on sugar and artificial sweeteners – download

Re-educating consumers on sugar and artificial sweeteners – download
With plenty of confusion surrounding low and no-sugar claims on labels, re-educating consumers about these terms is more necessary than ever.

Sugar is not inherently bad. It’s found naturally in fruits and vegetables, and it’s a key energy source used by our bodies daily to fuel our muscles and minds. But too much sugar, especially added sugar, can be harmful to our health. And artificial sweeteners, even ones derived from natural sources, have given many brands an excuse to label their products as "no sugar" or "reduced sugar" in misleading messaging. Indeed, nearly two- thirds of “sugar free” items launched in the last four years contained an artificial sweetener.

Download this category captain snapshot from Primal Kitchen to understand how consumers view these different types of claims around sugar and how brands can help re-educate them while developing products that truly and honestly live up to claims like "reduced sugar" and "no added sugar", among others.

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