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Natural Foods Merchandiser

Retailer roundtable: What natural retail business or product trend inspires you today?

 76 percent of survey respondents say they take a vitamin or supplement 45 percent are thinking about adding a vitamin or supplement to their dietNot only are more people buying supplements but where these consumers shop is poised to shift Specialty retailers rather than traditional grocery stores will gain a larger share of sales This is similar to the sales shift that happened in the pet food industry reports Wells Fargo
Four retailers discuss ingredients, consumer trends and more that they're seeing among natural products shoppers.

"Categories that support glycemic load, digestion, joint and inflammation, and stress continue to do well. The question: Is the stress systemic or what’s happening in the world right now? Superfoods, not just those from Mexico, get a lot of attention, even if our customer base lags the mainstream. People want a holistic approach, putting things like turmeric in their food, drinking it in tea and taking it in a supplement."

-Martin Lopez, owner, Herbs of Mexico, Los Angeles

"The business trend that excites me as a retailer is that many suppliers are letting their independents know that they are stepping up their activities to quash, in some cases, highly discounted internet sales of their products both from individuals and mass marketers."

-Lorraine Hoffman, owner, Harvest Market, Ogden, Utah

"The CBD (phytocannabinoid found in agricultural hemp) movement inspires us. The diversity of customers that we are seeing come in for this wonderful plant extract is absolutely astonishing. All ages, all walks of life are learning the benefits of this supplement. We look forward to continuing to offer CBD in 2017 and the continuing research to unlock its full potential."

-Angie O’Pry Blades, owner, Fiesta Nutrition Center, Monroe, Louisiana

"I am inspired by the importance of quality that the 25- to 40-year-old age group is putting on their food choices. It becomes a challenge for the retailer to seek new quality products and drop the traditional brands that are stale and not using the ingredients the new consumer wants."

-Don Caster, owner, Raisin Rack Natural Food Market, Westerville and Canton, Ohio

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