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Unboxed: 23 natural products convenience store shoppers will love

As consumers increasingly look to eat healthier foods, convenience stores should consider stocking these grab-and-go NEXTY Awards finalists.

Twice a year, New Hope Network editors comb through hundreds of natural products that have been nominated for NEXTY Awards. Recently, those same editors looked through the finalists to find products that will appeal to convenience store shoppers who want to make healthy choices.

Easy to grab and perfect for on the go, these products—already notable for their high quality and innovation—will excite every consumer who needs to make a quick decision.

Across the board, more consumers are consciously trying to eat more healthy foods. NEXT Data & Insight’s 2021 Changing Consumer Survey found that 70% of natural channel shoppers are looking for ways to be healthier, and 60% of non-natural channel shoppers think about their health daily. So, whether they are stretching their legs during a long road trip or grabbing a quick snack before they hit the road again, a wide range of consumers will be glad to see more natural, better-for-you options.

Convenience stores attract these on-the-go customers with a variety of single-serve products that make it easy for consumers to take a risk and try something new. Of consumers who are 18 years or older, 71% say they discover new brands and products in convenience stores, according to a new survey from NCSolutions (NCS).

From the same survey, NCS reported that 67% of respondents "feed their sweet tooth" with candy purchased at convenience stores. These NEXTY finalists will satisfy any sweet tooth with less sugar than conventional competitors and easily recognized ingredients.

Cases of ice-cold beverages lining convenience store walls appeal to consumers looking to quench their thirst quickly. NCS found that a variety of beverages is popular with convenience store shoppers:

  • 57% said they purchase on-the-go drinks, such as coffee, tea or fountain beverages.
  • 40% buy milk, juice or other staples.
  • 32% pick up packaged beverages.
  • 23% buy beer.

Click through this gallery to see some exciting NEXTY Awards finalists and winners that will inspire curious consumers to return and discover more.

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