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Unboxed: 7 plant-forward ice creams to stock this summer

Numerous consumers—especially vegans and those with dairy allergies—will want to cool off this summer with these recently launched non-dairy frozen desserts.

Plant-based ice cream is increasingly in the limelight as consumers continue to put a premium on health and wellness, as well as their need for more allergy-friendly options and other health-supporting attributes.

The recognition of the need for better education on health is rising. In September, the White House will host a conference on hunger, nutrition and health for the first time in 50 years—just one of many examples of consumers' growing interest in improving their health through a focus on healthy diet, nutrition and physical activity. In practice, that often means consuming more plant-based foods and demanding products that are lower in sugar, among other things. 

Rising support for healthier indulgences

In response, a variety of innovative, plant-based ice creams are hitting the market as manufacturers answer the demands of diet-conscious consumers. A Future Market Insights report released last year showed plant-based ice cream sales have risen by 9.3% and are likely headed toward exponential growth.

A key driver influencing market growth is the trend of consumers steadily becoming more interested in indulgences made with healthier ingredients. More people are opting towards a plant-based lifestyle in search of the health benefits supported by a more plant-forward diet. At the same time, consumers are also keyed into products that, in addition to being dairy-free, offer a range of other attributes—in particular products that are allergy-friendly, gluten-free or low in sugar. 

What's more, brands that can provide consumers with peace of mind through third-party certifications for attributes such as gluten free, vegan, USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified are rising to the top.

Click through this gallery to learn more about seven plant-based ice creams to stock for spring and summer.

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