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Natural Products Expo

Watch: Innovations in Functional Beverages for hydration news

Video-Watch: Innovations in Functional Beverages for hydration news

Many functional beverages opt for a holistic approach to foundational wellness and marry the categories of supplements and beverages. Find out how retailers can support consumers' hydration.

We’ve all heard the advice: stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Despite these everyday reminders, 64% of women and 96% of men fail to meet the dietary guidelines for water, according to Stavros Kavouras, a professor of nutrition at Arizona State University and the founding director of Hydration Science Lab.

During the 2023 Natural Products Expo West session, Innovations in Functional Beverages, Kavouras shows the audience how overlooked water and hydration are in Americans' daily lives. In fact, his presentation touches on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s resource MyPlate (the official symbol of the five food groups) and highlights water’s lack of representation as an essential component to our body’s nourishment. 

While the category of beverages (outside of dairy) lacks representation on the MyPlate graphic, there is no absence in the functional food and beverage space. New Hope Network’s Adrienne Smith shares data from Nutrition Business Journal that estimates the functional beverage market at $74.2 billion in 2022, with 10.5% growth. 

Thanks to a range of innovations and exciting new brands, hydration is now one of many benefits found in today’s functional beverages—becoming one of the natural products industry’s most exciting categories.

In the session below, our industry experts share the top trends—from zero proof with a twist to foundational wellness—capturing the attention of health-minded consumers, retailers and even celebrities. Learn the latest research on hydration and how top companies serve up delicious and sustainable sippers.

Meet the speakers and panelists:

  • Jim Tonkin—Healthy Brand Builders
  • Tom Hicks—ZICO Rising
  • Scout Brisson—De Soi
  • Shadi Bakour—PATH Water
  • Sol Broady—Leilo
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