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We asked influencers to pick their favorite products and trends from Natural Products Expo West 2019

These are the products that influencers raved about and the trends that caught their eyes at Natural Products Expo West 2019.

With more than 3,600 exhibitors sampling thousands upon thousands of products at Natural Products Expo West 2019, it can easily feel like you're missing out on seeing every thing and every one. For this reason, we asked a team of some of the top influencers in attendance at the show to share the trends that stood out, and to pick their single favorite product. Yes, just one.

Top Trends According to Influencers.pngInfluencers noted the obvious growth of hemp oil/CBD-containing products, as well as brands that are making smarter, better-for-the-planet packaging choices, such as biodegradable or compostable options, or a movement away from plastic packaging toward glass, aluminium or paper/cardboard options. Other trends spotted by influencers included the many dairy alternatives, such as yogurts and ice creams, that are made from oat milk. Also of note were the innovations spotted in plant-based foods, including more options that are also soy-free and allergen friendly, as well as some impressive dairy-free desserts and cheeses, and better plant-based seafood, meat and burger alternatives. Also catching the attenion of influencers were the increase in mushroom munchies, ketogenic-friendly products, new options for fermented foods and probiotic-containing items that weren't necessarily foods or beverages.

Click through the gallery to see which single products made it to the top of the lists for these top health and wellness influencers.

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