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Natural Products Expo

What are the NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards?

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In this branch of the NEXTY Awards, 1,000 consumers sample and choose the NEXTY Consumer Choice winners.

The NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards are a branch of the NEXTY Awards program, introduced first at Natural Products Expo East 2018 and continuing at every Natural Products Expo since then. 

During the call for nominations, exhibitors apply to have their product shipped to 1,000 targeted consumers who then sample the product and provide ratings and feedback through an app. Brands can apply within three categories: Food and Beverage, Personal Care and Natural Living, and Supplements. Only exhibiting brands can apply and the product must meet New Hope Network standards and be a product that will be shown at the exhibitor's booth.

New Hope partners with Sampler for technology and shipping fulfillment. Consumers enter the program as subscribers of health-focused media partners. Consumers who are a match for the brand’s desired target market receive a product sample and are asked to fill out a short survey after a 30-day period of testing the sample at home. Consumers weigh in on whether they would purchase the sample after having tried it, and whether they believed the product was healthy, innovative and inspiring. Consumers also provide feedback on how the product could be improved. Based on consumers’ responses and a scoring algorithm, products receive a NEXTY Consumer Choice score that ranked them against other entrants in their category.

Participating brands receive access to their scoring dashboard during and after the campaign where they can see consumer participant demographics, as well as the consumer feedback and ratings. The cost to participate in the NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards varies and 1,000 samples need to be delivered to the Sampler fulfillment center.

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