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2017 Bone and Joint Health Data Guide


There was a time when osteoporosis was something that happened to old people, and translated to doctor’s visits, a well-stocked cabinet and being resigned to your fate.

Times have changed. Osteoporosis is something women might start taking action about in their 20s. Male cyclists got the heads up that all that no-impact exercise coupled with the mineral depletion in all that sweat put them at risk for thin bones too.

All of this matches the nutrition industry up with populations well aware that a dose of ibuprofen and a glass of milk are not going to take care of bone and joint health, now or decades from now. Not surprisingly, bone and joint health sales are growing, but one could image the bone health growing better, given the interest and awareness.

Whatever needs to be done, there is a growing consciousness, with niche markets growing around that consciousness. That combination makes the category ripe for innovation.

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