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2017 Brain/Cognitive Health Data Guide


Cognitive nutrition seems to be the perennial next big thing for supplementation, and people who’ve cheered on that next big thing could be forgiven for their impatience. Indeed, in an NBJ manufacturer survey, cognitive nutrition came out first as the most promising area for nutrition.

It’s not to say growth isn’t there. NBJ estimates the cognitive/mental acuity market grew at 8.9 percent in 2016, but unfortunately, a chicken-and-egg dynamic between investment and science could be stalling progress. The big players in investment want science first, but science is expensive. Investors have the money, but it’s on the sidelines for now. That could be why we are seeing some of the best movement in traditional approaches, Ayurveda in particular. Ashwagandha and other adaptogenic herbs are growing as solutions for anxiety. Ayurvedic herbs were up 62.2 percent in 2016. But the Ayurvedic approach also offers an interesting example for cognitive nutrition overall. Ayurveda views the body and being as a whole, and companies looking to differentiate their products could be well served to do the same.

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