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2017 Herbs and Botanicals Data Guide


The NBJ Supplement Business Report has been the playbook for nutrition industry professionals for over two decades. We’ve included the Executive Overview of our marque report to give readers access to the top findings of this feature-rich report at a fraction of the price.

The report’s most popular chapter: Herbs and Botanicals is also included. An introduction to this key chapter:
When we talk about herbs and botanicals, we are often talking about what can look like fads. Except these fads are thousands of years old. They just occasionally hopscotch around the globe to be discovered by new cultures, new markets. Take the case of turmeric. The spice, and its healthy qualities, have been known for thousands of years as an important component of Ayurvedic medicine. Western markets have layered over the ancient wisdom with science and tweaked the compound for what could be better bio-absorption, but what feels like a fad cresting towards a trend is certainly not “new.” At 18 percent growth in 2016 and sales of $196 million, turmeric has nearly tripled 2011’s $68 million. We believe growth has slowed, but that could be more about the rule of big numbers than anything remotely close to a bursting bubble.

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