Condition Specific

2017 NBJ Condition Specific Report


Comb our data to see what products are growing in 22 categories, with 109 charts to see sales and growth by condition. Drill down another layer to see which ingredients are being purchased for which conditions. Find out where NBJ sees innovation and where those ingredients might show up next. In addition to the deep data and in-context insights, the report looks at sales and growth figures for companies we’ve seen not merely capitalize on the consumer move toward condition specific but also push the science to bring new solutions in the fastest growing categories.

Executive teams will learn why gut health is a cross-category concern now, as the Probiotics 2.0 revolution gathers steam and highlights the connection between what goes on in the gut and what happens in the rest of the body. The report also explores how younger generations are moving into the cognitive nutrition market, concerned about preventing declines decades from now, and also improving their mental performance to match a demanding professional pace. All of that innovation, concern and demand is driving growth across every category examined in the NBJ Condition Specific Report. Now we are seeing where that growth might be going next.

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