Sports Nutrition & Weight Management

2017 NBJ Sports Nutrition Weight Management Report


Sports nutrition and weight management represent a $37.5 billion dollar behemoth and nearly 20 percent of the entire natural products industry. Such a big category could easily be predicted to slow as the increments in incremental growth expand, but the SNWM market shows healthy growth at 7 percent in 2016, a full percent ahead of the supplements market, which marched along at 6 percent.

What might make SNWM so lively is innovation. In a trend-rich space where customers are hoping the words “new and improved” could soon apply to themselves, innovation matters, and there is always room for more. That thirst for innovation becomes literal in sports hydration and energy drinks. The category claims more than half, 55.6 percent, of SNWM, the vast majority of it sold in mass, where miles of refrigerator cases shine as an impulse-purchase playground. That “what’s next?” cycle is obvious in the bright fluorescents of mass, but it’s also evident in every category and subcategory across SNWM.

Learn more about the category in our 171-page report filled with 57 charts and graphs and 23 company profiles.

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