Sports Nutrition & Weight Management

2017 Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Data Chart Package


With our Chart Packages, you’ll receive the raw data that creates the backbone for NBJ’s annual reports. Updated regularly and projecting out to 2021, this data is easily incorporated into presentations, data models and forecasts. If you’re looking for a deeper analytical view of the sports nutrition category these chart packages will give you a level of insight you never thought possible.

These data charts were selected from NBJ's Sports Nutrition and Weight Management report to inform your business on the areas of opportunity in these blurring categories. Detailed sales data for categories in the SNWM Industry are included for all sales channels: Natural & Specialty Retail, Mass Market Retail, Mail Order/DRTV/Radio, MLM/Network Marketing, Practitioner and Internet. As consumer trends shape this part of the Supplements industry, Weight Management Pill Form supplements has had volatile growth, so we've included a data set covering the sales and growth trends in the category, as well as data on top companies. Top company information and sales data is also included for Sports Nutrition Supplements and Nutrition Bars and Gels, both booming categories, to provide a comprehensive view on the competitive landscape.


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