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2017 Supplement Business Report Data Chart Package


With our Chart Packages, you’ll receive the raw data that creates the backbone for NBJ’s annual reports. Updated regularly and projecting out to 2021, this data is easily incorporated into presentations, data models and forecasts. If you’re looking for a deeper analytical view of the supplement industry these chart packages will give you a level of insight you never thought possible.

These data charts were selected from NBJ's Supplement Business report to inform your business on the areas of opportunity in this dynamic industry. Detailed sales data for broad categories in the Supplements Industry are included for all sales channels: Natural & Specialty Retail, Mass Market Retail, Mail Order/DRTV/Radio, MLM/Network Marketing, Practitioner and Internet. Understanding channel dynamics is increasingly important in today's retail environment, so forecasts for these channels are included for the next five years. We also included deeper sales data for key categories in the industry: Specialty Supplements, Minerals, and Vitamins. The list of the top 100 supplements by sales will give you insight into the overall landscape of supplements sales and how product categories compare and compete. Finally, to round out the data set, the top companies list for the Supplements Industry gives an overview of the competitive landscape in 2016.


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