Market Overview

2018 Supplement Business Report


With an overall sales growth slowdown in the supplement market, it’s easy to look at the bright spots, even if the size of these standout ingredient markets isn’t large enough to boost sales growth overall. Collagen is on fire, growing at 30 percent, but it hasn’t broken the $100 million barrier yet, coming in at $98 million. Mushrooms had another strong year at 10.1 percent growth, but it’s still among the smaller corners of the industry at $46 million.

In the filtered light of expectations and assumptions, it’s easy to see those bright spots as brighter than they are.

Yes, sales are slower, but not significantly slower. It’s also a bigger and more complicated market with an increasingly intricate set of channels and consumers hopping from one to the next. That makes both predicting changes and reacting to them very difficult.

With 334 pages, 38 company profiles and 111 charts and graphs the 2018 Supplement Business Report gives you confidence in the data used to make sound business decisions for your brand.

Download a preview of the report with the table of contents, executive summary and the first article.

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