Condition Specific

2019 Condition Specific Report


Looking to herbs and other ingredients as a solution to health issues may be a tradition with ancient roots, but those roots don’t tell supplement makers a lot about selling those solutions to consumers in the modern marketplace.

The answers to those questions are better answered by the NBJ Condition Specific Report, now delivered in a new fit-to-purpose format. With more than 100 sales charts detailing trends across a wide spectrum of conditions, “Top Thoughts” takeaways, position-specific “action item” call-outs, and expert commentary on what all those numbers are telling us, the Report is a much-needed tool for marketers, product developers and C-suite executive navigating the complexities of the condition-specific markets.

In condition specific supplements, changing tastes and attitudes can bring upheaval to markets as new discoveries offer new solutions and negative press tears down once-foundational markets. In this year’s report, read about how CBD is shaking up the mood and sleep categories, or learn how less-obvious ingredients are making their way into bone and joint health as sales of calcium and glucosamine shrink.

The healing traditions behind the supplements may be ancient, but the challenges reshuffle the deck every day. Whatever the condition, the NBJ Condition Specific Report has an answer.

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