Hemp & CBD

2019 Hemp & CBD Guide 2.0


NBJ took the industry-leading source of data on hemp CBD and made it better. This update of NBJ’s first hemp CBD report goes far beyond the scope of any previous reporting on this industry. The report features new manufacturer and consumer surveys packaged with expanded sales data that includes point-of-sale information from the dispensary channel, up-to-the-minute insights on legal developments, a regulatory outlook and a deep perspective on where the science on CBD stands and where it’s headed next, and a look at the latest developments in the supply chain explores a new push for regenerative agriculture and organic standards. The hemp CBD market moves quickly and NBJ is moving faster than ever to deliver the actionable insights that allow brands to keep up.
Also included in the report:
• 101 easy-to-read charts
• 31 concept tests with commentary
• Consumer surveys capturing all parts of the consumer journey
• Longitudinal insights into fast-paced market changes
• Jennifer Cooper debunks the myth "there's no science around hemp"
• John Grubb explains the history of hemp

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