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2019 Sports Nutrition & Weight Management Report


Faster growth and encouraging channel dynamics continue to make the markets covered in the NBJ Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report opportunities too promising to ignore, but knowing the intricacies of an increasingly complicated sales and product landscape may be more important than ever. Sales in the combined categories grew at 6.7 percent in 2018, a notch up from 6.1 percent in 2017, but as always, the broad numbers only tell a part of the story. The more important parts are the combination of what was selling and where it was selling and as e-commerce continues to find traction in sometimes unlikely categories, the Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report offers a view of the shifting purchase patterns that helps executives plan for more shifts, and more opportunities. With 61 charts, 22 company profiles, dozens of “market manifestation” product callouts and role-specific strategy “action items,” the report reflects a profound change in format for NBJ reports, one that makes it easier for teams to find not only the necessary information for planning, proposals and presentations but also the context that explains why the information is important. And then what do with it. Deciphering the science, tracking the trends and understanding the omnichannel evolution is a big job to match a big set of opportunities. Our Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report is designed to be the tool that unbolts the intricacies to make that easier. Those opportunities can’t be ignored, but the need for diligence and deliberate strategy can’t be either.

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