Sales Channels

February 2017 : Direct to Consumer


If ever there was a time for direct selling to work, it’s now. In 2017, with Uber drivers outnumbering cabbies in New York City and the number of Airbnb rooms dwarfing the offerings of the largest hotel empires on the globe, there has to be a way to make direct selling work for the company, the distributors and the end customers. That way probably includes both convenience and connection, both qualities that could not just sell supplements but help those supplements fulfill their promise of health. Convenience and connection? Seems possible. We don’t know what model best succeeds in the gig economy, but perhaps adding service to the subscription will work. We’ve seen health coaches in the MLM ranks but are they fully trained? Or fully transparent? Learn more in our February 2017 issue discussing the challenges and opportunities for companies selling direct.

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