Market Overview

June 2017 : Supplement Market Overview


In a presentation by Dr. Low Dog at NBJ Summit, she showed Centers for Disease Control data revealing the startling micronutrient deficiencies for many Americans. Iron, vitamin B12, iodine—the number of people who are deficient in these essential nutrients is shocking. And it’s not clear that the nutrition industry is doing a good enough job sharing the message Dr. Low Dog delivered.

There are a number of reasons for that, many discussed in The Case for Nutrition on page 1 of this issue, but there are no excuses. Vitamins and minerals may not sound exciting, but they’re essential, the foundation of good health. The supplement industry needs a consistent message, and that message needs to be built on that foundation. A better, bigger, broader and collective campaign is vital, one that wakes people up. Innovation is important for the industry, but what’s important for consumers is that they know what good nutrition means and they have access to it. We don’t need a new ingredient as much as we need a new way of talking about the ingredients we already have.

Learn about the state of the Supplement Industry in NBJ’s June 2017 Market Overview issue, and how the industry can start tackling the problems of public health, one vitamin and mineral at a time.

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