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ADM to expand Clarisoy production

ADM to expand Clarisoy production
Company will expand production capacity of its clear, soluble soy protein products based on market demand and customer development activities currently underway.

Archer Daniels Midland Co.  (NYSE: ADM) announced that it intends to expand the production of Clarisoy under its exclusive license and production agreement with Burcon NutraScience Corp. (TSX: BU, NASDAQ: BUR), which grants ADM the exclusive right to produce and market Clarisoy—a line of clear, soluble soy protein products. ADM intends to expand its production capacity of Clarisoy products based on market demand and customer development activities currently underway.
“As more and more food and beverage customers look to incorporate Clarisoy into their products, we want to be ready to serve their needs,” said Bruce Bennett, vice president of ADM’s Foods & Wellness group. “Consumer preferences are driving demand for protein, and our food and beverage customers look for innovative ingredients like Clarisoy as they develop new products that support growing health and wellness trends around the world.”
“Since the beginning of our partnership, ADM and Burcon have contributed considerable resources and valuable effort to bring Clarisoy soy protein to the global food and beverage market. Today’s announcement marks a defining step for this revolutionary protein,” said Johann Tergesen, Burcon’s president and chief operating officer. “We are delighted with the progress made by ADM over the past three years and look forward to future and continued growth of Clarisoy.”
ADM and Burcon first teamed to commercialize Clarisoy in 2010, and the first products reached the market in June 2012, winning numerous product-innovation awards. The Clarisoy portfolio, marketed by ADM’s Foods & Wellness group, is based on a patented process that offers a highly soluble and versatile protein ingredient that, due to its clean flavor profile, can be incorporated into a diverse range of products such as sports drinks, fruits and vegetable juices, or to replace dairy proteins.

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