AIDP features Solution Centers at SSW

AIDP features Solution Centers at SSW

Supply Side West will showcase AIDP’s strengths in the booming protein ingredients market as well as its forte in formulations.

Supplement solutions leader AIDP continues to secure its position as the go-to source for quality, well-researched and science-backed ingredients, leveraging its experience in the health and wellness category to provide innovative products and solutions in a diverse range of formulations. Supply Side West will showcase AIDP’s strengths in the booming protein ingredients market, as well as its forte in formulations.

Exhibiting in Booth #22016, AIDP will feature two “Solution Centers” showcasing its various products, one focusing on Protein Solutions and one on Formulation Solutions. The Protein Solutions Center will feature numerous protein ingredients, capitalizing on the booming interest in protein in food manufacturing: Gabiotein™ sprouted brown rice protein, KoACT® for bone health, KollagGenII-xs™ for joint health, and introducing Instagen, a line of soluble collagen products. AIDP will also introduce a new highly purified pea protein from one of the leading suppliers. The Formulation Solutions Center will highlight TastiMin™, a new line of tasteless minerals, enVantec™, a line of fat soluble vitamins, Magtein™, a patented science-supported magnesium-based ingredient for cognitive health, and other high performing products designed to overcome formulation challenges. 

As part of AIDP’s SSW booth activities, industry experts Kim Stewart, a recognized book author and journalist specializing in the functional ingredients industry, and Kantha Shelke, PhD, a food scientist and consultant to the ingredients, supplements and functional foods industry, will be in the AIDP booth at 11 a.m. on both show days, hosting an in-depth look at the protein market, discussing trends and formulation strategies for protein and collagen, identifying key market trends, and providing a forecast into market diversification.

“We’re focusing on developing meaningful new products and formulating solutions for health and wellness,” says Kathy Lund, vice president of marketing and business development at AIDP. “Our commitment is to providing quality, well- researched ingredients that fit a need in the marketplace and are commercially successful for the supplement and functional food industry. Gabiotein was a hit at IFT and we are in the process of developing other unique plant-based proteins. Magtein is a ground-breaking cognitive health product with new research results to be released shortly. And we’ve got a number of other products to showcase our diversity. We’re excited about our future and our customers’ success.”



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