AIDP's #PlantProteinChat just around the corner!

AIDP's #PlantProteinChat just around the corner!

With whey prices spiking, allergies to contend with and performance in question, a new era of plant-based proteins is emerging. Join us Feb. 13 for the #plantproteinchat Twitter chat to explore this dynamic trend.

The market for protein powders is hot. Consumer demand for products offering the nutritional benefits of added protein continues to grow—nearly half of all U.S. consumers turn to these products weekly. But with whey protein prices spiking, allergies and food sensitivities to contend with, and performance in question, a new era of plant based proteins are emerging. Join us for the #plantproteinchat Twitter chat where we will explore this dynamic trend.

We'll chat about:

  • Why choose plant based proteins?
  • What about digestibility?
  • What differentiates the various types of plant proteins and why would one choose one over the other?
  • How are they metabolized compared to animal proteins?
  • Are they effective for muscle building?
  • How is the market trending – growth?
  • What about rice protein – what differentiates various types of rice protein (there is rice protein, brown rice protein, sprouted brown rice protein and organic sprouted brown rice protein)
  • How can one be assured of the quality of the protein? Is it non-GMO? Contains no possible allergens that may affect the end product during the processing phase?

Join us as we explore plant based proteins—in your body, in your products. Rice protein and more, with our sponsor AIDP, editor @ToddRunestad in our #plantproteinchat on Feb. 13 at 2 p.m. EST.



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