Axiom secures world's most pristine rice source

Axiom secures world's most pristine rice source

Oryzatein manufacturer has reached an exclusive deal to source rice from Cambodia’s Majesty Rice, recognized by The Rice Trader for producing the world’s highest quality jasmine rice.

Axiom Foods, manufacturer of Oryzatein® the only GRAS approved and patented brown rice protein, among other plant fractions, has reached an exclusive deal to source rice from Cambodia’s Majesty Rice. Majesty Rice was globally recognized in 2012 and 2013 by The Rice Trader for producing the world’s highest quality jasmine rice from what are considered to be the most pristine rice fields in the world.

The deal is indicative of Axiom Foods’ continued commitment to provide the most healthful pure plant proteins, which to date, have fallen within testing standards for naturally occurring heavy metals. “This deal further decreases the heavy metal levels, despite the fact they are found in the earth’s crust globally and are intrinsic to plants grown in healthy soils,” said Axiom Foods CEO David Janow. “As makers of human food, we are in a highly responsible position and work closely with Mother Nature as we travel the world sourcing the most ideal crops available in necessary quantities.”

Cambodia’s rice supply is inherently non-GMO and organic as GMOs and synthetic fertilizers have never been introduced or allowed in the country as a whole. Accredited U.S. lab reports show cadmium, lead and mercury levels in the rice are non-detected. “We are proud to be supplying our rice to Axiom, the only rice protein manufacturer we are committed to working with,” said President of Majesty Sithtra Chhay. “We have a mutual goal of raising the bar while providing the purest plant-based nutrition to the world.”

Majesty Rice will start shipping almost immediately and is expected to start appearing in products on shelves Q1 2015, such as Growing Naturals Rice Protein. “Certifying bodies such as the FDA and USDA watch what we do very closely and have come for intelligence on setting standards for rice protein,” Janow said. “Batch testing is a routine part of our daily business and the levels of heavy metals have always been some of the lowest in the industry. The Majesty Rice levels fall even below these.”

Axiom Foods is the most innovative source for allergen-friendly, whole grain brown rice ingredients, including rice non-dairy milk powder, and known for its natural and proprietary methodologies for extracting fractions of other plant proteins such as its VegOtein P™ organic yellow pea protein.


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