Cyvex expands protein portfolio

Cyvex expands protein portfolio

Company now offers artisan-crafted whey protein ingredients.

Cyvex Nutrition is now offering artisan-crafted whey protein concentrate 80 percent as part of the company's expanding protein ingredient line. These specialty concentrates are part of the latest corporate acquisition of Cyvex Nutrition's parent company Omega Protein Corp. in February 2013.

"The addition of whey concentrates expands Cyvex Nutrition's portfolio of quality protein ingredients, which also includes marine and vegetarian sourced proteins," stated Constance Ostler, director of sales and marketing at Cyvex Nutrition. "This artisan quality whey is produced with carefully selected ingredients and crafted using delicate processes that result in an end product of the utmost quality, and we are pleased to have these whey protein concentrates to offer our customers for their functional food and beverage formulations."

For the complete story on proteins—sources, pricing trends, growth forecasts and more—check out the Nutrition Business Journal/Engredea monograph report on proteins.

Cyvex's Wisconsin-manufactured whey protein is the leading source of certified organic cow, rBGH-free cow and pure goat nutritional supplement grade whey protein concentrates. The whey is from small specialty and artisan cheese makers who carefully source their milk from local family-owned dairy farms and is USDA approved for organic production. The delicate processing of the whey includes low temperature ultra-filtration and gentle drying.

Cyvex customers can now purchase the hormone-free cow whey protein concentrate, and reserve future production of goat or organic cow whey concentrates.

rBGH-Free (hormone-free) Whey Protein Concentrate 80% benefits include:
• Growth hormone-free
• Gluten free
• Natural enzymes
• Rich in potassium and calcium
• Vitamins
• Antioxidants
• Low temperature ultra-filtration and gentle drying
• Soothes digestive and intestinal track, strengthens immune system
• Kosher option available by run


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