Cyvex introduces fish protein ingredient

Cyvex introduces fish protein ingredient

Protomine is a new line of lean, sustainably sourced, fat-free fish protein powders made from a whole-food source.

Cyvex Nutrition has added a new ingredient to its expanding portfolio—Protomine™—a new line of lean, sustainably sourced, fat-free fish protein powders made from a whole-food source. Protomine delivers a hydrolyzed marine protein at greater than 80 percent concentration in its natural unflavored form and contains naturally occurring trace elements in bioavailable organic forms—including an impressively high 1:1 ratio of magnesium to calcium.

Protomine is easy to flavor and include in a range of protein formulations including protein bars, powders, RTD shakes, soup stocks and medical and clinical nutrition products. It offers clean label characteristics in that it does not contain gluten, dairy, fat and phytoestrogens, and the wild-catch fish source means the protein is non-GMO and free from added antibiotics and hormones.

“Protomine is a truly unique ingredient for manufacturers looking to diversify the protein options in their foods and beverages,” stated Matt Phillips, president of Cyvex Nutrition. “Protomine will come in on the high end of the 29 to 89 percent protein level defined for protein concentrates and be delivered in an ultra-low molecular weight profile that is well tolerated and absorbed more efficiently by the human body.” 

Containing all eight essential amino acids, Protomine delivers an amino acid profile supporting the balanced needs of the human body with high levels of arginine, histidine and lysine, important building blocks for human muscle. The amino acids are in a bioactive peptide form [di-tri-oligo peptides] and are formed through hydrolysis, a process which uses natural enzymes to split long protein chains into shorter peptides via a water-based reaction. These smaller protein segments digest faster than longer chains, do not place as much of a burden on the digestive system and are more easily tolerated by individuals with food sensitivities or those recovering from injury/illness.  Another advantage is their fast absorption and the efficiency with which they are transported throughout the body which makes them excellent for pre/post workout regimens. Protomine perfectly meets the industry trend to utilize protein blends, marine ingredient sources and cycling of proteins done by a greater number of athletes.

The product is produced in conjunction with Bluewave Marine Ingredients refining facilities and is based on the sustainably harvested Peruvian Anchovy.

To learn more about Protomine and its applications for food and beverages, visit Cvyex at IFT booth #1412 or contact Courtney Morton at [email protected] to arrange for an appointment at the show.


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