Dairy protein boom just the tip of iceberg

Dairy protein boom just the tip of iceberg

Demand for high-quality dairy proteins is set to rise dramatically in the coming years, according to Arla Foods Ingredients.

Demand for high-quality dairy proteins is set to rise dramatically in the coming years as manufacturers and consumers begin to realize their full potential, according to Arla Foods Ingredients of Basking Ridge, N.J.

Supplies of dairy proteins such as whey have come under global pressure recently as the appeal of protein as an ingredient has broadened among consumers. Once the domain of hardcore sports and workout enthusiasts, dairy protein is now seen as a wholesome and nutritious ingredient sought out by mainstream consumers—something the success of Greek yogurt has testified to. However, Arla Foods Ingredients believes current demand barely scratches the surface of what is possible.

Susie Moller Hjorth, president, North America at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “In reality, I’d say we are not looking at the tip of the iceberg—it’s the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Demand for quality dairy proteins is now coming in from all angles. On the one hand, you have your traditional consumer—the fitness enthusiast, who’s looking at whey protein for its muscle building and recovery benefits. In addition, you also have the female consumer who’s looking for weight management solutions, the male consumer looking to maintain a good diet to stay healthy and the soccer mom who wants great nutrition for her kids.”

She continued: “That’s without mentioning the bakery industry, where our whey protein egg replacers have revolutionized manufacturing processes for many producers facing soaring egg prices. Further, there is the more specialty market of clinical nutrition. Here, growth is being driven by the world’s ageing population, which stands to benefit greatly from a diet enhanced by high quality dairy proteins such as whey.”

Arla Foods Ingredients is exhibiting at IFT 2013 Food Expo in Chicago from July 13 to 16, on Booth 761, where it will showcase its full range of dairy protein ingredients:

  • High protein is the theme of three dairy beverage concepts designed to target consumers in search of a nutritional boost. Visitors will be able to taste how a high protein load can work well in milk, juice and yogurt beverages with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.
  • From Arla Foods Ingredients’ bakery team will be an apple-spiced muffin that demonstrates the ability of functional milk proteins to maximize the sensory appeal of a 100 percnt egg-free recipe—a cost-efficient response to rising egg prices.
  • Arla Foods Ingredients’ nutritional experts will also be available to talk about the company’s advanced whey protein hydrolysate Lacprodan® Hydro.365 for rapid sports recovery and the UHT-stable whey protein Lacprodan® DI-7017 for nutritional ready-to-drink beverages with a neutral pH.


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