Fenchem launches VegePro protein

Fenchem launches VegePro protein

VegePro contains a tailor-made service to provide protein mixture, offering a more balanced and specific amino acid content to customers.

Due to the booming demand from the Asia market, especially for China and Indonesia, the price of standard whey protein (80 percent) has doubled in the past two years. Plant-based protein is becoming a more competitive alternative for the manufacturers.

To better serve customers in this industry, Fenchem launches plant-based protein, branded as VegePro, typically including rice protein, potato protein, peanut protein, chlorella protein, spirulina protein, etc. Compared with animal-based proteins like whey protein, egg protein and beef protein, VegePro is a competitive alternative in cost, but more importantly it is free from the risk of animal diseases and suitable for vegetarians and lactose intolerant. VegePro also contains a tailor-made service to provide protein mixture, offering more balanced and specific amino acids content to the customers. VegePro can help children and adults adequately meet their protein needs, whether they use it for training, sports or general health.

Fenchem has been specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing active ingredients for almost 20 years, serving the food industry. With the help of five overseas offices, located in the U.S., Czech Republic, Malaysia, Germany and South Africa, Fenchem can guarantee fast delivery service and provide immediate know-how solutions to customers around the world.


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