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Glanbia launches new whey protein

Glanbia launches new whey protein
Hydrovon 195 is a partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate designed for rapid absorption to speed up post-athletic recovery and eliminate bitter taste.

Ingredient innovator Glanbia Nutritionals is expanding its portfolio of advanced, science-led sports nutrition ingredients with the launch of Hydrovon 195. A partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate designed for rapid absorption by the body, Hydrovon 195 can therefore help speed up post-athletic recovery while eliminating the bitter taste common to this type of whey protein.

Uniquely in its category, Hydrovon 195 is the only partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that confines the characteristically bitter flavor of hydrolyzed proteins to the past. Offering a clean flavor profile and a clean label, it appeals to professional athletes and sport enthusiasts alike.

Hydrovon 195 is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) for post-work out lean muscle maintenance and accelerated muscle recovery and repair. Highly bioavailable, it is ideal for high performance post workout ready-to-drink (RTD) or ready-to-mix (RTM) beverages.

David O’ Leary, business development manager at Glanbia Nutritionals, commented, “The days of accepting poor flavors from hydrolyzed proteins are gone. Athletes want advanced nutritional products that combine high nutrient efficiency with good taste and texture. Our proprietary technology has eliminated the bitter taste resulting from amino acids and hydrolyzed whey proteins, paving the way to a new concept of sports nutrition. Glanbia Nutritionals’ hydrolyzed whey proteins represent next generation sports nutrition solutions and are an extremely attractive product to target the emerging market of multisport athletes.”


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