MGP Ingredients launches Optein

MGP Ingredients launches Optein

New wheat protein joins MGP's portfolio of proteins and starches.

MGP Ingredients, a leading supplier of specialty wheat proteins and starches, launched a new, lightly hydrolyzed wheat protein, Optein™, to function as an exercise recovery and potential ergogenic aid at IFT13. Optein can be used as an ingredient in a number of food and beverage applications for the consumer packaged goods industry to support muscle recovery, and help reduce soreness.

Recommended applications:

·        Nutritional and protein drink powder mixes

·        Sports beverages

·        Smoothies

·        Protein, energy and meal replacement bars

·        Vegetarian and vegan dishes

Features and benefits

·        Increases protein

·        Delivers higher glutamine content than whey and soy

·        Easily soluble in water

·        Has neutral pH

·        Possesses non-bitter flavor profile

·        Provides functional benefits in finished products

·        Aids in muscle recovery

“There is a growing demand for exercise and ergogenic recovery aids,” said Mike Lasater, vice president of sales and marketing at MGP. “Optein is an ideal choice for food manufacturers who are looking for a plant-based protein alternative that provides high glutamine content not obtainable from whey or soy.

“The introduction of Optein at IFT13 demonstrates MGP’s commitment to innovating ingredients for the health and wellness segment. It is important to expand upon the company’s family of high-quality ingredients that deliver nutritional benefits while simultaneously enhancing the taste and textural qualities of foods and beverages,” concluded Lasater.

MGP Ingredients is also showcasing its portfolio of select, value-added ingredients for the branded consumer packaged goods industry at IFT. MGP’s ingredients are added to food and beverages to increase the nutritional value of the end product without compromising taste and texture.

Engage with MGP executives and food scientists at Booth 4543 to learn how the company improves products using proteins and starches for a wide variety of applications for the food industry:


·        Fibersym®RW and FiberRite®RW are resistant wheat starches that increase dietary fiber, reduce calories and act as a partial fat replacer. Both starches can be used in bakery products, snack foods, confections, prepared foods, yogurts, salad dressings and sauces.

·        Midsol™ is a modified wheat starch that reduces sodium usage and offers a clean flavor profile for use in soups, sauces, seasonings and marinades, in order to enhance taste and texture.  


·        Arise®, a wheat protein isolate, increases protein levels and can also deliver processing benefits and cost savings opportunities for a host of bakery formulations, as well as pasta and noodle products.

·        TruTex®, a textured wheat protein, is an outstanding source of protein and possesses a neutral flavor profile. It has excellent properties that are ideal for producing crispy snack foods and breakfast cereals. When hydrated, TruTex takes on a remarkable fibrous structure that replicates the look and texture of meat. It also performs exceptionally well in vegetarian patties and other vegetarian products.


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