MRM launches protein-packed Veggie Meal

MRM launches protein-packed Veggie Meal

MRM adds this clean, vegan-friendly meal replacement to its popular Veggie Series.

Southern California based MRM Nutritionals is expanding its Veggie Series line of clean plant proteins with the offering of new Veggie Meal—a total meal replacement offering quality, clean plant proteins that pair vital macronutrients for a perfectly balanced, on-the-go meal.

New Veggie Meal is a balanced plate of food in a single scoop, delivering key nutritional elements that help mediate hunger and promote healthy blood sugar levels, while supporting healthy weight management and lean body composition goals

It delivers a full 22 grams of protein from a precise blend of pea, brown rice, black rice, and flax seed lends a full array of macro- and micronutrients to sustain energy and vitality throughout the day. Packed with essential amino acids the body needs to support a healthy, robust lifestyle, Veggie Meal is your cleanest option for natural good food at home or on-the-go.

“More and more today, people are adopting a vegan lifestyle, or adding more plant proteins to their diets,” said MRM founder and CEO Mark Olson. “We make products backed by science to support all types of dietary choices with the end goal being the best assimilation of nutrients.”

While there are many choices for instant meal products in the plant-based category, Olson says MRM Veggie Meal is much more than an adequate source of protein and calories. This generous proprietary blend of 1000 ORAC units offers powerful antioxidant protection, and a broad spectrum of enzymes and probiotics to assist easy digestion.

Smooth and fiber-rich Veggie Meal can be enjoyed any time of the day. It provides desirable omega-3 fatty acids from a combined 32 mg of DHA and EPA, and a generous 1.4 grams of ALA. Add it to a daily diet for convenient, healthy nutrition wherever the day may take you.

Part of the MRM Veggie Series of complete plant proteins, Veggie Meal is top-notch hypo-allergenic, cholesterol-free, milk-free, soy-free and gluten-free nutrition that offers superior digestion in a single convenient scoop. It’s your way back to the root of good food—anywhere quality nutrition is favored. 

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