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MSG launches enhanced casein milk proteins

MSG launches enhanced casein milk proteins
CasPro line is designed primarily to increase yields for cheese and yogurt manufacturing; MicelPro line targets nutritional applications that call for slower digesting protein.

Milk Specialties Global has announced its increase production of enhanced casein Milk Protein Concentrate and Isolates. Milk proteins fall into two categories: caseins and whey proteins. Caseins are in milk and make up 80 percent of the protein fraction, and whey proteins make up 20 percent of the protein fraction.

According to Vice President of Sales and Marketing Benoit Turpin, “Milk Specialties has refined a proprietary process that allows for the concentration of caseins in their native state, up to 92 percent of the total protein content. The enhanced casein milk proteins offer a number of advantages over classic milk proteins. Depending on the applications, these protein ingredients will fall into two product lines: CasPro™ and MicelPro™.”

The CasPro line is primarily designed to increase yields for cheese and yogurt manufacturing. The use of CasPro will generate less liquid whey byproduct per pound of finished product, which is beneficial for facilities that are not equipped to process this by product stream.

The MicelPro line will primarily target nutritional applications where a slower digesting protein is desired. Research done by Yves Boirie indicates that Casein is broken down 34 percent slower than regular whey Protein. MicelPro is a more pristine source of casein proteins (as compared to traditional caseins and caseinates) since it has not undergone any type of acid or rennet induced denaturation.  


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