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New Arla microsite aids sports nutrition companies

New Arla microsite aids sports nutrition companies
HYDRO.365 is a knowledge-sharing resource that will give manufacturers of sports nutrition products an edge over their competitors.

Arla Foods Ingredients has added a new dimension to its sports nutrition expertise with the launch of a microsite dedicated to Lacprodan® HYDRO.365, its “gold standard” whey protein hydrolysate.

The microsite, which can be found at, has been developed as a knowledge-sharing resource that will enable manufacturers of sports nutrition products to explore how HYDRO.365 could give them an edge over their competitors.

Easily digested and rapidly absorbed, HYDRO.365 has the potential to reduce recovery time from days to hours when consumed within two hours of exercise. It offers superior nutrition to athletes who require fast recovery after intense competitive events or training and workout sessions.

The microsite provides an overview of the benefits of HYDRO.365 for athletes, along with scientific data and application opportunities. The site will be regularly updated as fresh knowledge becomes available, with the results of a new clinical study set to be uploaded in the near future.

Peter Schouw Andersen, business development manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “HYDRO.365 out-competes other protein sources in terms of uptake and muscle recovery because it is a hydrolysate that is highly purified. The aim of the microsite is to provide sports nutrition manufacturers with the technical and scientific data they need to use this gold standard whey protein successfully in their applications.”

He added: “Our customers are free to use the information on the microsite when marketing their sports nutrition products to consumers—they just need to ask us first for our consent.”

HYDRO.365 is suitable for inclusion in a wide range of sports nutrition products, including clear beverages, gels, bars, powders and tablets.



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