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New ingredients

Organic cranberry
Decas Botanical Synergies, a division of Decas Cranberry Products, has created NutriCranORGANIC, a 100 per cent organic powder made from the whole cranberry, without carriers or excipients, and certified by the USDA?s National Organic Program. NutriCran-ORGANIC is designed for use in supplements, sports drinks, bars, dental hygiene products, weight-management products and cosmetics, and as a colourant and flavouring.

+1 508 295 0147

Nonallergenic peptides
Scientists at Netherlands-based DSM Food Specialties have developed a new active peptide called PeptoPro. The ingredient is a casein hydrolysate derived from milk and produced using a new and patented process, which hydrolyzes casein to produce small, nonallergenic peptides that are immediately available for the body?s use in various functions including the ability to enhance muscle recovery during and after exercise.

+31 15 2793014

Plant extracts
Plantalin, a new range of plant extracts for foods and beverages, contains extracts from aloe vera, ginseng, passion flower, guarana, lemon balm, green tea and low-caffeine green tea. Made by Cognis Nutrition & Health, they offer good solubility and all of the health benefits associated with natural herbs and plants. All extracts are standardised, and, apart from plantalin aloe vera, which is a water-dispersible gel, are supplied as water-soluble powders that can be incorporated into aqueous media at ambient temperatures.

+49 730313 326

Purified riboflavin powders
BASF?s Human Nutrition business has introduced two new, highly pure forms of riboflavin. High Flow 100 and Fine Powder are 100 per cent vitamin B2 powders that meet the monographs requirements of the US Pharmacopoeia and the Food Chemicals Codex. They are produced by a fermentation process that uses a naturally occurring, nongenetically modified micro-organism. Riboflavin High Flow 100 is a granular, free-flowing powder with solubility and dissolution properties for tablet and beverage applications. Riboflavin Fine Powder is a bright yellow, fine powder suitable for use in food premixes and in applications in which a uniform yellow color is desired. Because of its fineness, it can also be used for flour enrichment.

+1 800 527 9881

Soluble rice proteins
A&B Ingredients, a New Jersey-based provider of rice-based ingredients, has launched a new soluble rice proteins line. Rice protein is hypoallergenic, highly digestible, has a balanced nutritional profile and has no functionality, like gelling, emulsifying or whipping, so it can be used without affecting the processing or structure of the end product. It is also non-GMO, stable during UHT and other heat treatments, and blends easily with other proteins. Soluble rice proteins can be used to fortify liquid food systems, such as breakfast or meal replacement drinks, powdered energy drinks or protein shake mixes, rice drinks, smoothies, or infant formulas.

+1 973 227 1390

Selenium yeast ingredient
An organic selenium yeast ingredient, eXselen, has been manufactured by Embria Health Sciences to provide maximum bioavailability. Embria?s eXselen is pure, all-natural and fully pasteurized. The yeast inoculum used in the manufacturing of eXselen produces high levels of selenomethionine, an organic form of selenium that rapidly metabolizes within the body to yield high bioavailability and retention. Ad-ditionally, beneficial B vitamins and glucans are found in the yeast used in the manufacturing of eXselen, the Iowa company reports.

+1 877 362 7421

New confectionery formulations
Danisco Sweeteners? new Mind Body Chocolates prototypes demonstrate the potential confectionery formulations using Litesse polydextrose, a high-fibre, low-glycaemic ingredient. Containing potential benefits of antioxidant-powered cocoa with one-third less sugar and added fibre (over 5g per serving), the chocolates can improve overall digestive health. The sweets can be developed with peppermint-ginger-dark chocolate and cinnamon-rosemary-milk chocolate flavours, and they are made without polyols or high-intensity sweeteners.

+1 800 255 6837, ext 2521

Microencapsulated vitamins, minerals
Biodar Ltd in Israel, a member of the Lycored Group, has created a line of microencapsulated vitamins and minerals. Chew&Eat is a line of taste-masked vitamins and minerals that provides a tasty solution for chewable supplements and functional foods. The microencapsulation prevents ingredient cross-interactions and oxidation. Chew&Eat is available as single ingredients, or in a sugar-free drum-to-hopper premix. It can be used in a variety of delivery systems: gums, chewables, lozenges and functional foods.

+972 8942 0930

Potato-based dietary fibre
Emsland St?rke GmbH (Emlichheim), working together with nutritional fibre specialist J. Rettenmaier & S?hne (Rosenberg), has created a natural, multifunctional potato-based dietary fibre concentrate. Vitacel combines the positive properties of insoluble fibre with native starch, and has a wide range of application possibilities, including meat products, breads and baked goods. Potato dietary fibre offers such application advantages as ?clean labelling? potential, as well as being gluten-, GMO- and allergy-free. Vitacel is also distinguished by an extremely high water-binding capacity.

+79 67 152 272

Flavour range that cuts salt 50%
Quest has unveiled a range of flavours that solves the taste issues linked with salt, fat and sugar, the company reports. Marketed as ImpaQ Taste Technology, this range enables producers to dramatically reduce levels of fat and sugar in foods and beverages, and reduce salt content by up to 50 per cent, without compromising taste.

+44 1869 353800

Talc made for foods and cosmeceuticals
Omya UK has launched its first talc product specially designed for foods and cosmetics applications called Micro-Talc FC8-KN. It is a very fine, white powder produced in the company?s Norwegian facility under strict GMP conditions. Omya is known as a leading European supplier of calcium carbonate.

+44 1332 887417

Exotic mushrooms in bulk
FungusAmongUs in Washington state has expanded its mushroom offerings to meet growing demand for ?exotics.? Naturally grown morels and chantrelles, and certified organic shiitake, maitake, oyster, portobello, crimini and porcini, as well as other hard-to-find varieties, are available in a variety of styles including whole, sliced, chopped, pieces and powder. Volume discounts are available.

+1 360 568 3403

Fibre-rich sweetener
CitriSweet, by Roxlor International, is a blend of prebiotic oligofructose and fructose. The system produces a sweetness 10 times greater than sugar and is rich in soluble fibre. CitriSweet utilizes natural flavours and citrus extracts that provide a clean, sweet taste to an assortment of products. With a bland mouthfeel and no perceptible aftertaste, it acts as a good masking agent for soy and whey protein, vitamins and minerals. It works in a variety of applications including beverages, condiments, sauces, bars, baked goods, dietary supplements and dairy products, the company says.

+1 302 778 4166
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