ProGo salmon protein offers excellent absorption

ProGo salmon protein offers excellent absorption

ProGo showed superior total absorption and faster absorption rates than whey protein hydrolysate and isolate.

Hofseth Biocare ASA (HBC) announces that it hasrecently completed a TIM-1, in vitro, study comparing ProGo™, Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein, to various other protein sources. TIM-1 is a multi-compartmental, computer controlled, dynamic gastrointestinal system which is capable of showing the absorption of proteins, as well as other materials, at various stages and times of the digestive tract. 

ProGo was tested against Whey Protein Hydrolysate, both high and low degree of hydrolysis, and Whey Protein Isolate. In all of the tests, ProGo showed both superior total absorption as well as faster absorption rates. When compared to WPH-HD, ProGo showed an over 10 percent improvement in the total amount of protein absorbed as well as around a 7 percent increase in Jejunal absorption. This demonstrates that ProGo is absorbed both better and faster than WPH-HD.

The results against both WPH-LD and WPI showed that ProGo had an almost 30 percent greater total nitrogen absorption rate and around a 45 percent higher Jejunal absorption rate compared to both products. These results again show that ProGo is better absorbed and faster absorbed than WPH-LD and WPI.    

“The results from the TIM-1 study on ProGo clearly show the bioavailability of ProGo and the benefits to adding ProGo to protein products,” states Lucas Altepost, Hofseth Biocare’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “With these results and commercial quantities of ProGo currently available we expect a fast rate of market penetration for ProGo.” 

ProGo™ is distributed by Roxlor. For more information on ProGo contact us at [email protected]


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