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Rousselot debuts ProTake-P for protein enrichment

Rousselot debuts ProTake-P for protein enrichment
Hydrolysed gelatine boasts 90 percent protein content, allowing manufacturers to meet the unabated demand for protein-enriched foods and drinks or to reformulate existing products.

Rousselot, the world leader in gelatines and collagen peptides, highlighted ProTake-P, a hydrolysed gelatine boasting 90 percent protein content, at HiE this year. The new ingredient allows manufacturers of dairy goods, sports nutrition, snacks, bars and powder blends to develop new products to meet the unabated demand for protein-enriched foods and drinks, or to reformulate existing products.

ProTake-P constitutes a versatile and cost-effective protein source. With neutral organoleptic properties and excellent functional properties, it can be incorporated easily into a wide range of applications. It is the perfect ingredient for binding dry components to achieve a perfect texture in bars, for example. Furthermore, thanks to its compatibility with many other ingredients, it can also easily be used in powder blends for instant cold-soluble drinks. 

“ProTake-P has been developed specifically to help our customers tap into the protein fortification trend,” comments Sandor Noordermeer, vice president of global marketing and sales at Rousselot. “Mintel states that almost three times (+260 percent) as many high protein products were launched in 2013 compared with 2008. All the indicators point to long-term growth in this sector, and ProTake-P gives our customers a simple and cost-effective way to be part of its success.”

Enabling “better for you” reformulations is also a valuable characteristic of ProTake-P. In reduced-fat applications, such as desserts and yoghurts, it provides the same texture, creaminess and mouthfeel as full-fat versions. Its excellent water retention properties enable Pro-Take P to act as a bulking agent in low-sugar formulations to maintain the attractive texture of the original versions.

ProTake-P is derived from porcine gelatine. It is a natural food ingredient, so has no E-number, is GMO-free and contains no allergens. As a result, it has clean-label status—another valuable benefit to customers throughout Europe and beyond.

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