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Who needs hexane in rice protein production?

Who needs hexane in rice protein production?
Whey's newest rival doesn't need noxious hexane.

Axiom Foods, whose Oryzatein® rice protein showed in a clinical trial for the very first time that plant-based rice protein rivals dairy-based whey for muscle building, fat reduction and muscle repair on March 9, 2013, is also one of the only manufacturers that does not use the highly noxious hexane in its extraction process. Founded by uber-overachiever JD/MBA/biologist, David Janow, who grew tired of trading grain commodities for animals and more interested in the health benefits of high quality rice for humans, his company is the first to use a truly natural rice protein extraction method.

“Hexane is a chemical solvent, most parts of which are gasoline and used in the creation of glues for footwear and roofing, to extract oil and grease from water and soil and come from the refining of crude oil,” said Axiom CEO David Janow. “Ironically enough, U.S. grain processors were accountable for more than two-thirds of the hexane emissions in this country, using it to remove oil from grains and protein from soy. The toxicity of hexane in humans is well known and chronic exposure can result in extensive nervous system damage. Hexane is on the U.S. Toxic Inventory list and the Environmental Protection Agency has issued regulations on the control of hexane gas due to its potential carcinogenic properties.”

Watchdog publication, the Natural News reported last week: “Nearly 100% of the "natural" soy proteins sold in the USA are extracted in China using a hexane extraction method. The primary manufacturer and distributor of brown rice protein in the USA, Axiom, (produces) brown rice protein in a hexane-free, non-GMO, Prop 65 compliant, whole grain Oryzatein® powder. They supply a lot of the brown rice protein to numerous sources in the USA, and this is the best brown rice protein product available today, partially because it is NOT hexane extracted.”


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