Top Herbal & Botanical Raw Material Suppliers in 1998 - Chart 32


Ranked company list with HQ, 1998 Revenues of the top 48 US herb & botanical raw material suppliers.

Companys include: Hauser Inc., Indena, Martin Bauer Group, Henkel, Triarco Industries, A.M. Todd Botanicals Frutarom Meerl ,Pure World Botanicals, Sabinsa, Chemco Int'l, Arkopharma, Technical Services Intl (Inabata), Mafco Worldwide Corp. , Trout Lake Farm (Amway), Schwabe Schweizerhall, SKW Trostburg, Quality Botanical Ingredients, Pharmachem, Chai-Na-Ta Bio-Botanica , Euromed (owned by Madaus), MW International, InterHealth....

Breakdown of companies with total revenues for the following type of companies

- Greater than $20 million
- $5-20 million
- Less than $5 million
- Total Wholesale ($ millions)


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