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Raw Material & Ingredient Supply Channel

Prices are up throughout the nutrition industry, and up dramatically. Commodity pricing & volatility signal higher food costs to come for consumers, as global climate change wreaks havoc on staple crops. Escalations in raw materials pricing follows suit for supplements & functional foods, as manufacturers & retailers begin to pass costs down the value chain.

As a subscriber to the Raw Material & Ingredient Supply Channel you will receive monthly research in different formats, which include market research reports, NBJ issues, Functional Ingredients Issues, Natural Foods Merchandiser issues, NBJ Business Class Presentations, NBJ Corporate Reconnaissance profiles, Data Charts.  This channel will provide you the latest market research that you need to stay up-to-date with trends, financials, regulatory issues and much more.

This subscription will include the follow products:

NBJ 2011 Supplement Business Report -  January, 2012
NBJ Awards Issue - January, 2012
NBJ Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss Issue - February, 2012
FI Content on Healthy Aging - February, 2012
FI Content on Marketing to Millenials - March, 2012
NBJ Direct-to-Consumer Issue - April, 2012
FI Contract Manufacturing Directory - May, 2012
FI Content on Olympics - June, 2012
NBJ Nutrition Industry Overview Issue - July, 2012
NBJ Nutrition Industry Ovevriew Data Charts - August, 2012
NFM Election Guide to the Natural Products Industry - August, 2012
NBJ Supplement Business Class - September, 2012
NBJ Supplement Business Report - September, 2012
FI Condition Specific Directory - September, 2012
FI Content on Delivery Systems - October, 2012
FI Branded Ingredient Guide - November, 2012
FI Content on Inflammation - November, 2012
FI Content on Vision Ingredients - December, 2012