Nutritious noodles

Branch out with these four nutrient-packed options when you are looking for a new kind of noodle. 

Annie Chun’s Brown Rice Noodles

Brown rice isn’t the latest noodle innovation, but Annie Chun’s is keeping the trend from going stale by offering it in pad thai and maifun (angel hair) varieties. The 100 percent whole-grain, gluten-free noodles provide ample dietary fiber and stand up to bold flavors in traditional Asian dishes.

Jovial Whole Grain Einkorn Pasta

Now here’s a blast from the past: Jovial is the first company to make pasta from einkorn, the first wheat ever cultivated. Discovered in the stomach of a Bronze Age man found in the Italian Alps, einkorn has been used as food for at least 12,000 . Jovial maintains a traditional, wholesome pasta texture with a mildly nutty flavor.

Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles

Sea Tangle’s new fat-free kelp noodles are just kelp. Easy to prepare, these raw noodles have a slightly crunchy texture that takes on the flavor of other ingredients in stir-fries, salads, soups, and casseroles. For an antioxidant and flavor boost, choose the green tea flavor.

Skinny Shirataki Angel Hair Noodles

These zero-calorie, fat-free noodles are made from the Asian konjac plant and contain 4 grams soluble fiber per serving. Because they’re precooked, simply rinse, drain, and add to your favorite dishes.

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