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AstaReal gains Health Canada approval

Health Canada approves the use of AstaReal natural astaxanthin as a “source of antioxidants” and to “help improve muscle endurance.” 

AstaReal Inc. announced its successful Canadian Product License approval for astaxanthin of up to 12 mg per day. On July 25, AstaReal, Inc. received its notification from Health Canada approving the use of AstaReal natural astaxanthin as a “source of antioxidants” and to “help improve muscle endurance.”

Many years of extensive research has proven astaxanthin to be the most potent antioxidant against singlet oxygen, one of the strongest reactive oxygen species (ROS). There are many benefits attributed to this antioxidant property of astaxanthin. One of those benefits is its ability to modify muscle metabolism, resulting in improved muscle performance and endurance.

Charles DePrince, president and CEO of AstaReal Inc., said, “This is very exciting and a testament to our dedication to the continued research of natural astaxanthin. With more than 100 published studies involving AstaReal astaxanthin under our belt, AstaReal’s research program shows no sign of slowing.”

Other areas of astaxanthin study that AstaReal is actively supporting include cardiovascular, liver and metabolic support. AstaReal Inc. is a biotech company within the Fuji Group exclusively dedicated to the production, research and marketing of natural astaxanthin. AstaREAL is the only astaxanthin that has gone through the successful notification process for GRAS with the FDA. 

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