BioVittoria's PureLo® Luo Han Fruit-Based Sweetener Obtains GRAS Affirmation

May 26, 2006 - Hamilton, New Zealand - BioVittoria Limited, a New Zealand product development and marketing company announced today that PureLo®, the company's proprietary Luo Han fruit concentrate, has been affirmed as a GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) food ingredient under FDA guidelines. An independent expert panel of internationally recognized and respected scientists has concluded that PureLo® is GRAS, allowing PureLo® to be sold in the U.S. for use in the food industry. The GRAS status permits PureLo® to be used in a variety of foods and beverages as a sweetener and flavor modifier.

Luo Han has been used in China for hundreds of years to sweeten foods and beverages. PureLo® is a fruit concentrate derived from Luo Han fruit grown exclusively in China, and is naturally produced, non-caloric, and 300 x the sweetness of sugar. BioVittoria produces PureLo® from fruit harvested from its patented seedling varieties, using a proprietary extraction process.

PureLo® is produced under ISO 9001 certification, has OU Kosher certification, is highly stable, soluble, and is available in powdered and granulated formats, offering the food industry one of the few authentic naturally grown, safe, non-caloric sweeteners for inclusion into beverages, foods, and confectionary products.

BioVittoria has its corporate headquarters in the Waikato Innovation Park in Hamilton New Zealand. Additional offices are located in the U.S. and production facilities are located in Guilin, China.

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