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DSHEA was a regulatory success for dietary supplements

DSHEA was a regulatory success for dietary supplements

Editor's note: On the 20th anniversary of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, New Hope asked several experts to weigh in on the current regulatory atmosphere in the supplements category. Here, FoodState CEO Robert Craven shares his take on DSHEA's successes and what he would change about the system. 

We believe that the current regulatory environment is driving product quality up and those who are not focused squarely on quality are slowly being forced out. However, we are still in the early stages of new regulations. It will take years to fully realize the benefits. The cGMP changes were needed, the industry is headed in the right direction, the science is strengthening, and consumer demand is growing.

Even so, there have been some "losers" from the DSHEA legislation. In the early days of DSHEA, there were many innovative companies that produced amazing, creative products. But these companies were often too small to ensure safety and quality. We are largely missing these gems today. In the end, they had to go for the sake of broader industry credibility.

If we could change anything about supplement regulation, we would give FDA more authority to remove ridiculous radio ads from the air quickly. Many radio ads make claims that have no place in our space.

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