EFSA Releases Briefing Document on the Evaluation of Article 13.1 Health Claims

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has released a document regarding the evaluation of Article 13.1 health claims.

The release explains "the consolidated list has been screened by EFSA and those main entry health claims for which EFSA considered that insufficient information had been provided on the list (over 2000) were referred back to the European Commission/Member States for further information or clarification. For the remaining claims, EFSA started the assessment. In this context, the first series of opinions covering over 500 health claims was adopted by the NDA Panel on 2 July 2009 and published on 1 October 2009."

The release concludes by stating "in the light of the experience gained to date, EFSA has prepared this briefing document to update Member States and the European Commission on the evaluation of Article 13.1 health claims. The briefing document will be updated as appropriate as additional issues are addressed. "

To see EFSA's release and the document, click here.

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