Enzymotec's Krill Oil +™ Gains Novel Food Approval in Europe

Enzymotec is pleased to announce that its leading product, Krill Oil +™, has now obtained a Novel Food status in Europe for its Krill Product line, including the Pure Krill oil grade.

Recently the company announced the expansion of its product line into a greater variety of Krill-based combination products, including Krill-based variety of grades, Krill/PS combos and more.

"Enzymotec supports Krill sustainability and an eco-friendly supply chain aimed to maintain the conservation of marine living resources by sourcing its Krill biomass only from CCAMLR Member monitored vessels and facilities. Says Mrs. Neta Scheinman Enzymotec's Director of QA. "We are inspecting and verifying that each Krill shipment is harvested within the limits of the zone and dates for which the specific fishing vessels had received it's fishing license from CCALMR" Concludes Mrs. Scheinman.

CCAMLR is the Commission for the Conservation Marine Living Resources and the only internationally recognized body, whose member states monitor Antarctic-krill harvesting to ensure a healthy eco-system in that region.

Enzymotec is a developer and leading manufacturer of innovative, lipid-based products for Orthomolecular Medicine, Bio-Functional markets and advanced infant nutrition as well as the manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. A few of Enzymotec's key products are: Sharp-PS® line of products -- Phosphatidylserine based ingredients for cognitive improvement, high grade PC (from soy and egg sources) as APIs, InFat® -- structured fat for infant formulas, Krill Oil+™ , Crill™, and Sharp-GPC™.

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