EU cranberry experts form an alliance

The humble cranberry has been getting bogged down in recent weeks with its failure to secure an EU health claim. Experts say the science is there, but the message is getting lost in the fray. Three European cranberry extract suppliers aim to change that with the formation of an association to clarify the standards for proanthocyanidins (PACs) and improve consumer communication.

Three companies—Burgundy Botanical Extracts, Diana Naturals, and Tournay Biotechnologies—are behind the formation of Euracran—short for the European Association for the Valorization of Cranberry. The group will use the European Pharmacopoeia to seek a common standard for establishing PAC levels through methods such as DMAC, vanillin, Bate Smith and HPLC. Euracran will consolidate the results from these protocols to better guide the industry. For more, see the website

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