EU Panel Takes First Step in Approving TIC Gums’ Modified Gum Acacia

“TIC Gums welcomes the initial determination of the European Commission Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources regarding their approval of TIC Gums’ TICAmulsion® A-2010, the company’s modified gum acacia, as a safe and effective emulsifier for use in various foods and beverages in Europe. We’re on our way to achieving complete worldwide approvals of our innovation,” stated Stacy VanDenHeuvel, Marketing Specialist at TIC Gums.

VanDenHeuvel underscored that TICAmulsion A-2010 is a patented product exclusively available from TIC Gums. “It’s significant that our modified gum acacia performs better than natural gum arabic, while also providing excellent stability in beverage and flavor emulsions that contain more than 20% oil content. Its ability to effectively emulsify high oil loads makes it a unique tool for formulators in a variety of applications such as beverages & flavor and nutritional oil emulsions,” she said.

Ian B. Sklar, M.S., TIC Gums’ Director, Quality & Regulatory Affairs, said that while modified gum arabic has not yet been cleared for use in beverages and food products in Europe, formulators have been enthusiastic about the product based on their evaluations of the ingredient in prototypes since TICAmulsion A-2010 was initially launched in 2004. At that time, it had a self-affirmed GRAS status but since then, it has garnered approvals in many countries. Sklar stated “TICAmulsion A-2010 holds FEMA GRAS approval in the United States and its territories as well as approvals in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Egypt, New Zealand, Paraguay and Uruguay. TIC Gums received their FDA “No Questions Letter” on October 7, 2008 after declaring self-GRAS and notifying the FDA. Self-GRAS involves an expert panel review of scientific data focused on the safety of OSA MGA in the proposed food use categories. During FDA notification we share this information with the FDA and meet with them to discuss any additional questions or concerns…there were none.”

“The second phase of EU approval process will be reviewed by the Council and Parliament with final approval anticipated in 2011,” said Sklar, commenting that the first approval phase is the most technically challenging part of the approval process and its successful completion is “very good news.”

EU Panel cites ‘no safety concerns’ in a wide range of food and beverage products
After conducting intense risk assessments, the EU panel stated that “gum acacia modified with n-octenyl succinic anhydride (OSA) is safe for use as an emulsifier in flavorings and in foods” at the proposed uses and use levels. The panel cited safety in a wide range of food applications from baked goods, breakfast cereals and snacks to meat, fish and egg products. The panel also mentioned other safe emulsifying use in products such as fruit flavored beverages, salad dressings, sauces and icing.

Part of TIC Gums’ new generation of emulsifying agents
TIC Gums’ TICAmulsion A-2010 was developed through proprietary technology and patented in 2002. It is part of a growing line of breakthrough emulsifying agents that TIC Gums has innovated. Its base material is gum arabic. “Because the non-emulsifying grade of gum arabic is its initial source, there is an additional advantage in TICAmulsion A-2010. It addresses the challenge of periodic shortages of the emulsifying grade of gum arabic from indigenous sources in Africa that are sometimes caused by climate irregularities and political unrest,” said Sklar.

TICAmulsion A-2010 can be used at usage levels about 50% less than other emulsifiers, making it a cost efficient alternative. TIC Gums reports that in their laboratory testing, TICAmulsion A-2010 produced stable emulsions with the lowest median particle size.

“Our breakthrough emulsifying agents include this stand-out innovation, and we are very pleased it will not be long until it gains comprehensive worldwide approvals for use in a vast range of beverages and food products,” added VanDenHeuvel. She concluded, “Customers who want to reformulate their products or create new ones with TICAmulsion A-2010 can rely on our team of Gum Gurus, who are ready to support them at the earliest stages of product development.”

For more information about TIC Gums’ TICAmulsion A-2010, please call (800) 899-3953 or visit us at

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