FDA Notifies Consumers of Restitution Program for Purchases of Lane Labs' Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is notifying consumers of a restitution (refund) program for purchasers of three of Lane Labs-USA, Inc.'s products. The products are BeneFin, MGN-3 and SkinAnswer. Consumers who purchased those products between September 22, 1999 and July 12, 2004 are eligible for a partial refund of the purchase price and any shipping and handling costs.

A federal District Court in Newark, New Jersey has ruled that Lane Labs marketed BeneFin, MGN-3 and SkinAnswer as treatments for cancer, HIV, and skin cancer without FDA approval. See http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/news/2004/NEW01086.html . The Court ordered Lane Labs to pay restitution to persons who purchased the products between September 22, 1999 and July 12, 2004. The Court also appointed Newark, New Jersey attorney Donald A. Robinson as Special Master to oversee the restitution process. Gilardi & Co., LLC has been retained to assist with the restitution process.

Claims should be submitted to: Lane Labs Restitution Fund c/o Gilardi & Co., LLC, P.O. Box 808011, Petaluma CA 94975-8011. The completed claim form must be postmarked no later than October 30, 2006. Do not mail claims to FDA.

A copy of the claim form can be obtained at http://www.gilardi.com/lanelabs or by writing to Lane Labs Restitution Fund c/o Gilardi & Co., LLC (see address above).

For questions about the restitution program, please contact Gilardi & Co., LLC at 866-431-8716.


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