Hongjiu Biotech's Instant Ginseng Brand "He Shan Tang" has Begun Activity in the Chinese Mainland Market

Hongjiu instant ginseng brand "He Shan Tang" has completed the application for registration of Chinese trademarks, and started activity in the Chinses mainland market.

Panax ginseng C.A.Meyer,is one of the oldest and most beneficial herbs in the world. It was often used,and is still today,as a tonic to rejuvenate the body after an illness or prolonged stress.

He Shan Tang is the branch of Hongjiu Biotech Co., ltd., which specialized in the cultivation, processing, research and development, international and domestic sales for more than 10 years. It is a modern high-tech enterprise and the products have been exported all over the world, including United States, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and so on. It is the largest ginseng manufacturer and has the highest quality of ginseng.

For more information from He Shan Tang, please contact:
Ben Fu, CMO, tel. +86 411 39705618
Yang Liu, CEO, tel. +86 411 39705676

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